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“I am drawn to the state of being in wonder, a child-like curiosity in discovering something awesome that can be found in the smallest things.  Such inspiration and experience I find through white chocolate filigree icing on a cupcake, the swirly anatomical design of a fiddlestick plant or colours bursting when light is reflected on a gemstone. My body of work jumps between children storybook-like images or nature scenes, but you will find a consistent pull in dreamy colours and nature inspired design forms.  It is my hope that my pieces resonate with viewers of all ages, building a transcendent bridge to one’s own soul and imagination- a place of discovery, possibilities and hope.”

Graduated from Ontario College of Art & Design in Graphic Design and Sheridan College in Illustration.  JANICE has travelled for a year in the pacific part of the world with her husband.  They now reside in Paris, Ontario in their little country home with two kids and a old golden retriever.


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